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Peabody Heights: Craft Beer Incubator

On the site of Old Oriole Park a new kind of beer company has been born.

Peabody Heights Brewery is a locally owned incubator of excellent, independent craft beers. We are the largest brewery in Baltimore City and contract brew for more than 8 different companies. Here on the boundary of two historic Baltimore neighborhoods, we help fledgling beer brands graduate to the next level of production and distribution.

Four of Peabody Heights Brewery’s beers have become 2015 Comptroller Cup Gold Winners with Old Oriole Park Bohemian Lager winning the Best of Show!

Peabody Heights Brewery: Old Oriole Park Bohemian Lager
RavenBeer: The Cask
Monument City Brewing: American Brown Ale
Full Tilt: Patterson Pumpkin